You’re Welcome Cubbies Fans

The Cubbies are in the World Series! This is the first time they have made it this far in 71 years. Even if you are not a Cubs fan, it is hard to not root for the poor guys that keep saying “this year is the year.”

I would like to take partial credit for the Cubs doing so well this year, but you must hear the story. Let’s start from the beginning.

This summer, my company shipped me out to Chicago for a 2 day website conference which ended up turning into a 5 day solo vacation for myself (minus the 15 hours spent learning that mobile is the next best thing). If you haven’t taken the opportunity to travel alone, do yourself a favor and book a flight somewhere you have always wanted to go, within reason, and do it. One vital thing you need to know about me is I am a huge baseball fan. One of my more important goals in life is to talk trash to the guy in front of me at every Major League Baseball field with a cold beer in my hand and chili stains on my pants from the chili dog I devoured too quick. So far I have 6 (out of 30) under my belt.With my job sending me all over the place, it makes it a lot easier to fulfill this goal. I hit 5 just in the last year.

That’s me at U.S. Cellular Field

Let’s get back to me taking credit for the  Cubs making it to the World Series. The secret I am about to give out is so simple, that even I myself barely believe it, but it’s true. I have been to many many baseball games. Yes, I have only made it to 6 different MLB fields, but I have been to a few of them multiple times (cough cough go Rangers). Every single game I have attended, the home team wins the game. It may be a coincidence, or maybe I am a sorcerer. Regardless of the actual reason, I think someone should pay me to go to the World Series to ensure the Cubs win, any takers??

While in Chicago, the first day I made my way to a White Sox game with one of my good friends that lives there now. The White Sox were playing the Detroit Tigers, normally I would root for the Tigers but I always root for the home team my first game at a new stadium. The White Sox came out on top 5-4.

US Cellular Field  (White Sox Stadium)

The next game I had planned was a Cubs game. I was one of the lucky thousands this year to watch the Cubs and Sox play against each other at Wrigley. Wrigley Field is not like the other 28 baseball stadiums, Wrigley field is one of two “ball parks,”the other in case you do not know is Fenway. There really is a difference between a ballpark and stadium, you will have to check them out to see for yourself. The history and pride of every fan at Wrigley embraces you and makes you want to become a hard core Cubs fan, at least for the time you are there, cough cough go Rangers. While at the CUBS game, I partook in my baseball game tradition. I bought an ice cold beer, a plate of nachos and made friends with the people all around me. As I got to know the people around me more and more, I could barely shake the over-whelming sensation in my right hand to reach into my nachos and smear the sour cream all over my face so I could join in on the painted face festivities that were taking place. Lucky for me, I was able to resist. The thought of a stranger potentially licking my sour cream face on the LTrain ride back to my hotel was my saving grace. I hate to say this, but this was one of the most boring games I have ever experienced. The Cubs kicked the Sox’s rears with a score of 8-1. It as very one sided, but the people around me made the game so much better.

Panoramic of Wrigley


Since that night I spent at Wrigley field, the Cubs have played tremendously. They keep winning and winning and look at them now, they made it to the World Series. As I said before, Cubbies fan’s, you’re welcome and if anyone wants to ensure they win the series, I am accepting tickets to any home game.


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