Solo-Traveler’s Inner Struggle

I have consistently traveled with work now for a year and a half.  As I said in previous posts, I have been all over the country averaging at least a week of travel each month, experienced new cities and towns I didn’t know exist and have met people from all over the world. Although I have spent so much time meeting new people, I have managed to know fewer people in my hometown.

Over the last year I have changed drastically as a person. I have become incredibly independent as a young professional, I have learned the ins and outs of traveling across different sources of transportation, I have been through a lawsuit (that story will come another day), and  I now eat Mediterranean food. Trust me, that is a huge hurdle for me to clear. I guess I can refer to myself as an adult now. With all of these “life changing” events that have developed my newfound personality, I have found myself anti-social to the people I know and care about, and more social towards strangers.

I am hoping I am not the only person that the life of travel has had this effect on. When I travel alone, my goal is to meet people and learn about other cultures through these people. Regardless of the number of people I encounter, I also need to have the confidence to sit down and have dinner alone. Strangely enough, that was something that did not take long for me to adapt to. Now that I have taken on the ability to be alone and it not bother me, when I come home I feel I want to hang out with the new independent woman I have become rather than friends who are surrounded by people they know all the time. My friends and family both have learning to live life without me for weeks at a time and are starting to get used to me not able to 2 Step and Wobble on Friday nights anymore.

This is where the inner struggle comes in. I have enjoyed sitting in bars alone, eating meals alone and hiking trails alone the last year. I find  myself extremely uncomfortable around masses of people and I avoid these scenarios at all costs. Before you get the wrong impression, I am not depressed and it does not bother me to hang out by my self (I’m pretty awesome). The purpose of this short blog post is to find out if there are any others out there with the same social anxiety created by getting so used to self sufficiency on the road. Message me, I want to know your story.



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