Healthy Living in the New Year

It is the end of the year, everyone is starting to think about what their New Year’s resolutions are, start planning a strategy to become successful with it and telling themselves “this is the year I don’t give up.” At least, that is what I do every year. This year, I am making only one resolution to myself and it is to live a cleaner, healthier life. I will be successful, I will clean my body up and start living a better way and I will not quit.

How do I know this? This year is the first year I  have set one personal goal for myself and I also have the support to go along with it. Year after year, I set goals for myself. Usually a lot of goals. There is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, actually this is what keeps you driven to accomplish things you never thought you could and work hard at it. However, there is a difference between setting goals that are obtainable and reasonable vs. something completely out of your control. Also, it is extremely important to tell people you care about what your goals are so they can help you obtain them. I know, its obvious, but sometimes we don’t let it click until we have exhausted our resources and realize the easiest resource is sharing with other.

This year, as I stated earlier, my goal is to live a healthier cleaner life. This entails a lot of hard work, dedication and of course support. To start it off, a few weeks ago, after months of research and an unwillingness to commit, I finally ordered myself a Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit. A few of my friends from college started posting on Facebook about the benefits and many uses of EO’s over the year and I found myself very interested. My friend who finally got me to order the kit myself was extremely patient with me as I asked her 10,000 questions and told her I would get started about 750 times. Last week my oils kit came in the mail and I immediately put them to use. I cooked with the Lime essential oil, I got the best nights sleep I have had in a year with a mixture of Lavender and Stress Away and I cleared up some acne in 2 days by mixing Frankincense in my facial lotion. If I can accomplish these 3 things in the first week of having oils, there is no telling what the next year can show me.

Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit

Before you get all FDA on me, I am not saying these oils cure cancer. I am still a little skeptical to what people claim they CAN do and what they actually do. There is always the battle of “mind over matter.” I can tell you though, I look forward to using natural ingredients to add flavor to my meals, ridding my skin from the crazy amount of ingredients in lotion including fragrance and finding a safer way to get a great nights rest rather than taking sleeping pills.

Along with the daily use of EO’s, my big strong man and I are embarking on a 30 day journey together called Whole 30 with a group of people I met from oil discussions. I am not going to get into all of the details, but Whole 30 is basically a 30 day body detox to rid yourself of all toxins in your body.  I cannot eat sugar, dairy, carbs, beans, or drink alcohol (that will be the hardest part). This can help with so so many health issues as well as what I am using it for, better eating habits. If you are looking for something to kick start a healthier way of eating, I encourage you to buy the book. It will walk you through everything including what you will most likely feel or experience each day you are on the detox, wonderfully delicious recipes and a reintroduction walk through.  With the support of BSM and a group of about 60 other people across the country in one Facebook group, I know I will succeed in my goal of a healthier life in 2017. Oh and the best part of Whole 30 is, I can use my new oils in almost any recipe!

Whole 30

I am planning to write a few blogs about my healthy living journey as I go through Whole 30 as well as experiment more with essential oils. If this is something you are interested in, let me know and I can add you to our Whole 30 Facebook group. We will spend the month supporting each other as well as sharing recipes that were successful and other tips and tricks. Also, if you want to know more about oils, I know a girl, its me. Comment below, let me know what your New Years resolutions are, I am interested to find out what everyone is striving for and I would love to help support you!



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