San Antonio: A Local’s Dives

When you think of San Antonio, what comes to mind? The Alamo? The River Walk? Sea World? These three things are all wonderful things to see and do when you come to San Antonio, but there is a lot more to the city than most tourists will ever know.

Did you know San Antonio was just voted “Most Romantic City” by Amazon, or that the best food in town is not downtown? For those of you who either spend a ton of time here in San Antonio on business are are moving here soon, I am going to let you in on a few of my favorites as a local when it comes to finding food and entertainment throughout the city. I know this is going to upset a few of my downtown friends and businesses, but come on, the rest of the city needs to be explored just as much as downtown.

  1. I Need Adventure- San Antonio is filled with outdoor experiences. Hiking and biking trails are almost endless, we have plenty of rivers and watering holes to keep you cool in the summer and we even have a running tour that takes place downtown. If you’re outdoorsy and want to find some great things to do while you are here, I suggest you take a minute to check out this site for ideas. My all time favorite place to go that mostly locals really know about is a park called Friedrich Park. This park is located off I-10 and Dominion ( a touch farther north than Six Flags). Friedrich Park is packed full of trails and is the home for rare birds and plants/flowers. My favorite part of this park is the views. When you reach a clearing, catch your breath and take in views of San Antonio from the hill country. If you are looking for something along the lines of pet friendly, camping available, but still offer decent trails, Government Canyon is a state park located right outside San Antonio. Government Canyon, if you read my post about Thor’s first adventure, is where we went. They have a wide variety of trails to hike, bike or run on and if you have kiddos, you can take them to see real life, in your face dinosaur tracks!

    Dinosaur Tracks at Government Canyon. Photo credit- Visit San Antonio
  2. I’m Hungry- Ohhhh San Antonio, one of the fattest cities in America. This must mean we love food and we have a lot of great food. We are known for our hole in the wall Mexican food joints, margaritas and tacos. Among locals, everyone has a favorite Mexican food restaurant. As a true San Antonioian, your favorite place is usually the place that serves the best Barbacoa. Some people’s favorite Barbacoa joints are extremely popular with sub-par Barbacoa (I wont name any names), while others are little diamonds in the rough you happen to stumble upon early Saturday morning after a night at the bar. My favorite Mexican food, hole in the wall, Barbacoa serving restaurant is Mimi’s Barbacoa. Mimi’s is located at Wurzbach and Lockehill Selma, just East of I-10. Their menu varies from puffy tacos to enchiladas, but their specialties, and I mean specialties, are Barbacoa and Tamales. This Barbacoa is melt in your mouth tender and so full of flavor, you don’t even remember what part of the body it comes from. If you want to see what else they have to offer or even pre-order some tamales, follow them on Facebook @mimisbarbacoa.
    Mimi’s Barbacoa

    Mimi’s Tamales
  3. I Could Use a Drink– As I mentioned before, when you think San Antonio, you think Margarita. Every bar that serves Margarita’s claims their’s is the best in town. That is not a trustworthy source. I am, so let me tell you where to find the best Margarita. Tucked in the corner of a shopping center, blocks away from Shavano Park at Huebner and Vance Jackson you will find Ajuua. Before I started getting heartburn from sweet alcoholic beverages, this was the only place I would drink Margaritas after searching for the perfect one for 3 years. This margarita (on the rocks OR frozen) is the perfect mixture of sweet, sour and that taste of Tequilla going down. Warning: One will get you where you want to be. If you think you want another, wait 10 minutes. I made this mistake a time or two and after Margarita #2, the Uber driver you summon becomes your best friend. Not everyone is a margarita fan, like me nowadays. I am also not a “loud, bumping, schmuck filled bar” kind of girl either. I love dive bars. When I travel, I always find a dive bar to sit at. It is more personable, you get to meet people and when you live in town, these people become part of your family. My little hole in the wall dive bar in San Antonio is a place called Irish Pub located near the medical center. This place is very near and dear to my heart, I met my Big Strong Man at this pub and many many friends. The bar tenders are all very skilled, personable and not afraid to tell the guy that won’t leave you alone to get out out. Every time I bring a new person to this little pub, they always come back because the people that create the environment for this place, make it a place you will want to come back to. Oh and they always have a “Beer N’ A Shot Deal” just to please the Texan within.

    Shadow Puppets With Friends at Irish Pub

Yes, this is a biased blog post full of my opinions (just like most other blog posts of mine), however, I would never steer you in the wrong direction. Every place mentioned here is very near and dear to my heart and I can guarantee you will love every moment of your experience from entering to leaving. If not, let me know and I’ll give you $5.00 for the trouble, or at least let you win at arm wrestling.


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